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Model 614

Designed for purely industrial purposes, this machine is easy for anyone to use and does not require a foundation. Available in double chamber and single chamber, this machine has a chamber of six inches wide and fourteen inches wide which allows it to grind grains and spices very finely. Dry and wet materials can be processed very efficiently and continuous processing can be done easily. All rotating parts are dynamical balanced for less vibration and high performance.

Product Details

Power: 10HP to 20HP
Phase: Three Phase
Motor Speed: 1440 RPM
Chamber Size: 152.4×355.6mm
Mesh Size: 127×533.4 mm
Machine size: 1890×1095 mm
Weight: 300 KG Approx
*(The weight and size are given by the double head machine).

Achieve Finely Ground Grains and Spices with the Ragi Cleaning Machine and Pulverizer by HI-TECH ENGINEERINGAchieve Finely Ground Grains and Spices with the Ragi Cleaning Machine and Pulverizer by HI-TECH ENGINEERING


Our oil rotary chuck is a modern version of the chuck that was traditionally used to extract oil from several types of oil seeds. The oil processed in this way retains its natural properties and aroma. High-quality oils can be obtained by performing production at low temperatures using cold press method. It has an environmentally friendly use with no solvents. In other words, the cold-press extraction does not involve either heat or chemical extraction.

Premium Product Details

Model: Premium
Motor: 10 HP, 7.5HP 3 Phase
RPM: 1440 RPM (Motor)
Input Capacity: 55-65 Kg/Hr
Crushing Part: Cast iron
Approx. case dimensions: 1650×750 mm
Height of machine: 1620mm
Weight of machine: 380 kg Approx.
Machine type: Stainless Steel Box

Standard Plus Product Details

Model: Standard Plus
Motor: 10 HP, 3 Phase
RPM: 1440 RPM (Motor)
Input Capacity: 50-60 Kg/H
Crushing Part: Cast iron
Approx. case dimensions: 1600×720 mm
Height of machine: 1615mm
Weight of machine: 380 kg Approx.
Machine type: Stainless Steel box & – Pulley Belt Outside

Standard Product Details

Model: Standard
Motor: 10 HP, 3 Phase
RPM: 1440 RPM (Motor)
Input Capacity: 50-55 Kg/Hr
Crushing Part: Cast iron
Approx. case dimensions: 1600×800 mm
Height of machine: 1610mm
Weight of machine: 300kg Approx.
Machine type: Full open


Oil expeller, also known as screw oil press machine and it’s the heartbeat and most important oilseeds extraction machine in the whole vegetable oil extraction plant. Goyum Oil Expeller is suitable for small scale, medium and large scale oil extraction plant. An Oil Expellers is a horizontally rotating metal screw, which feeds oil-bearing seeds into a barrel shaped outer casing with perforated walls. The seeds of crop like cotton, ground nut are continuously fed over the expeller, which grinds, crushed and presses the oil out as it passes through the machine. It also has a very high yield percentage of oil per seed.

Product Details

Motor: 10 HP 3 Phase
RPM: 1440 RPM (Motor)
Input Capacity: 55-65 Kg/Hr
Approx dimensions: 1700×1300 mm
Height of machine: 1250mm
Weight of machine: 800 kg Approx.


This is a Multi Purpose Destone Machine, Mainly used for removing stones and other materials from Cereals, Spices and Pulses (Ragi, Wheat, Rice etc.). Available in different motor capacity.

Product Details

Motor: 2HP 3 Phase
Input Capacity: 500Kg, 750Kg
Approx dimensions: 1460×1000 mm
Height of machine: 650 mm
Weight of machine: 250 kg Approx
Motor (Vibrator): 1HP 3 Phase
Vibrator dimension : 1350×520 mm


It is an important tool in the oil mills machinery used to cut the copra into small pieces. This will speed up oil production and reduce production costs.

Product Details

Motor: 1HP 3 Phase
RPM:1440 RPM (Motor)
Input Capacity: 120 Kg/Hr
Approx dimensions: 500×400 mm
Height of machine: 1300mm
Weight of machine: 55 kg Approx.


Rice is the kernel part of the paddy and is obtained by the removal of the paddy husk and thin layer of bran. Rice milling is the process of removal of these and then polishing it. The whole process has to be accomplished with care to avoid the breakage of rice and improve recovery. The Mini Rice Mill is specially designed with the latest technology to make such processes smooth and cost-effective.

Product Details

Motor: 3HP Single Phase
Production Capacity: 160 Kg/Hr
Approx dimensions: 400×380 mm
Height of machine: 950mm
Weight of machine: 55 kg Approx.


Filter press are high filtration velocities and low moisture content in formed filter cakes, due to the high filtration pressures that can be applied. Consequently, filter presses have long been used for a wider range of applications than any other type of filter.

Product Details

Motor: 1HP 3 Phase
Input Capacity: 100 Ltr/Hr
Approx dimensions: 1200x700mm
Height of machine: 1200mm
Weight of machine: 175 Kg


Coffee roasting is a complex process that involves the careful application of heat to green coffee in an effort to transform the basic stuff of life contained within each beans – sugars, proteins, acids, etc into delightful aromas of roasted beans, Therefore, we manufacture this machine with the view that the above process needs to be done very carefully to maintain the quality of each beans. Our coffee Roaster is designed to ensure a fast, easy, and efficient roasting process. With a production capacity of 5 to 25 kg per batch, this roaster is well-equipped for wholesale production.

Product Details

Motor: 1HP
Vessel Capacity: 5 Kg
Production: 20-25 Kg/Hr
Dimensions: 1400×1200 Approx
Height of machine: 1800 mm
Weight of machine: 150 kg Approx
Heating system: LPG


Available variants: 500 NOs, 1000 NOs

Product Details

Required time for production: 40 – 48 Hrs
Approx dimensions: 1220×915 mm
Height of machine: 1200mm
Weight of machine: 80 kg Approx.
Heating system: Gas and Electric


This machinery is used for commercially grinding chilly, rice, wheat, and other products. Its Tripple Head Hammer helps to grind the products fine.

Product Details

Motor: 10-20 HP 3 Phase
RPM: 1440 RPM (Motor)
Input Capacity: 300-375 Kg/Hr


Stone type coffee grinder is mainly for the purpose of grinding coffee. when coffee beans are fed into the chamber it becomes coarse or fine in the process of grinding with the help of two emery stones. The extensive use of stone type coffee grinder is in the small and coffee powder outlets. The stones would recede in time because of the usage but the replacement would done in a much cost effective manner for the lifelong survival of the machine.

Product Details

Motor: 1HP
Vessel Capacity: 5 Kg
Drum size: 650×200 mm
Dimensions: 900×650 Approx
Height of machine: 1800 mm
Weight of machine: 150 kg Approx
Machine Type: Emiry stone


Our machine is used for roasting and mixing powders and spices. Roasting stainless steel drum or aluminum drum, stirrers, driving mechanism with electrical motor, firing system use LPG, firing system and collection tray are the main part of the machine

Available Variants : 10Kg, 15Kg, 20Kg

Product Details

Motor: 0.5HP
Approx. case dimensions: 1100×600 mm (10 Kg), 1100x700mm (15 Kg), 1100x750mm (25 Kg)
Height of machine: 1350 mm
Weight of machine: 110 kg Approx.
Heating system: LPG


Chaff cutter is a mechanical device for cutting straw or hay into small pieces before being mixed together with other forage and fed to cattle. This helps the animals in digesting food and prevents it from rejecting any part of their food.

Product Details

Motor: 3HP
Production Capacity: 500 Kg/Hr
Dimensions: 1200×600 Approx
Height of machine: 1150 mm
Weight of machine: 180 kg Approx

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“Title: Excellent Performance and Reliability - A Mill Owner's Perspective

Rating: ★★★★★

I recently purchased two Pulverizer Model 614 machines from HI-TECH ENGINEERING, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. These machines deliver exceptional performance, thanks to their powerful 10HP motors and finely tuned motor speed of 1440 RPM. The chamber size of 152.4x355.6mm ensures precise and uniform grinding of both dry and wet materials. The solid construction and dynamically balanced rotating parts minimize vibrations, resulting in smooth operation and reduced maintenance. With HI-TECH ENGINEERING's customer-centric approach and seamless installation process, I highly recommend the Pulverizer Model 614 to fellow mill owners looking to enhance their grinding operations.

- Anna, Henson Mills- USA

Title: Impressive Grinding Results - HI-TECH ENGINEERING's Pulverizer Model 614 Delivers

Rating: ★★★★★

I recently acquired two Pulverizer Model 614 machines from HI-TECH ENGINEERING, and I am pleased with their performance. These machines efficiently handle both grains and spices, thanks to their powerful 10HP motors and precise chamber size of 152.4x355.6mm. The three-phase operation and motor speed of 1440 RPM ensure stable and reliable grinding, while the dynamically balanced rotating parts reduce vibrations. Despite occasional maintenance requirements, the Pulverizer Model 614 offers reliable and precise grinding, making it a recommended choice for mill owners.

Steven , Thompson Mills

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