Achieve Finely Ground Grains and Spices and Pulverizer by HI-TECH ENGINEERING

6/4/20232 min read

Achieve Finely Ground Grains and Spices with the Ragi Cleaning Machine and Pulverizer by HI-TECH ENGINEERING
Achieve Finely Ground Grains and Spices with the Ragi Cleaning Machine and Pulverizer by HI-TECH ENGINEERING

Title: Revolutionize Industrial Grinding with the HI-TECH ENGINEERING Pulverizer Model 614


In the world of industrial grinding, efficiency, reliability, and ease of use are crucial factors for businesses. HI-TECH ENGINEERING, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, presents the innovative Pulverizer Model 614, designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial applications. With its exceptional performance, versatility, and user-friendly design, this machine is a game-changer in the field of grinding. Let's explore the features and benefits of this remarkable piece of equipment.

Unparalleled Performance:

The Pulverizer Model 614, manufactured by HI-TECH ENGINEERING, is specifically designed for industrial purposes. Whether you need to grind grains or spices, this machine delivers finely ground results with precision. With a chamber width of six inches in the single chamber variant and fourteen inches in the double chamber variant, it provides ample space for efficient grinding.

Efficiency and Continuous Processing:

This Pulverizer is engineered to process both dry and wet materials efficiently. Its robust construction ensures continuous processing, allowing businesses to maximize productivity. The Pulverizer effortlessly handles varying workloads, making it ideal for industrial settings where consistent performance is essential.

User-Friendly Design:

HI-TECH ENGINEERING understands the importance of usability. The Pulverizer Model 614 is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no foundation for installation. This feature makes it accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical expertise. By eliminating the need for complex installation procedures, the Pulverizer allows businesses to save time and resources while achieving optimal grinding results.

Advanced Engineering for Optimal Performance:

To ensure optimal performance and minimal vibrations, all rotating parts of the Pulverizer are dynamically balanced. This engineering precision reduces vibrations, resulting in a smoother grinding process and enhanced performance. By investing in the Pulverizer Model 614, businesses can achieve superior results while minimizing maintenance requirements.

Product Specifications:

  • Power: The Pulverizer Model 614 is available with a power range of 10HP to 20HP, providing ample power for demanding industrial grinding tasks.

  • Phase: The machine operates on a reliable three-phase power supply, ensuring stability and consistent performance.

  • Motor Speed: With a motor speed of 1440 RPM, the Pulverizer delivers efficient and precise grinding, saving time and resources.

  • Chamber Size: The Pulverizer features a chamber size of 152.4x355.6mm, allowing for optimal grinding of grains and spices.

  • Mesh Size: The machine's mesh size measures 127x533.4mm, ensuring fine and uniform grinding results.

  • Machine Size: With dimensions of 1890x1095mm, the Pulverizer is compact yet robust, fitting seamlessly into industrial environments.

  • Weight: The approximate weight of the machine is 300 KG (double head variant weight).


The Pulverizer Model 614, manufactured by HI-TECH ENGINEERING, is the ultimate solution for industrial grinding needs. With its exceptional performance, ease of use, and reliable engineering, this machine delivers finely ground results for grains and spices. Whether you operate in the food processing industry or other industrial sectors, the Pulverizer enhances efficiency, reduces maintenance, and drives productivity. Invest in the Pulverizer Model 614 today and experience the transformative impact it can have on your business's grinding operations. Trust HI-TECH ENGINEERING to provide cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the evolving demands of industrial applications.